Thursday, 4 June 2015

How Safe Are Cars for Children

Cars have advantages and disadvantages as child carriers. The car’s low height allows to install of child safety seat when compared to many SUVs. However, the space at backseat seems to be limited, and the use of booster is recommended. There are some car models that can accommodate one adult and two child seats at the backseat.
The installation of child-seat in the cars could be little difficult when compared to some low-riding SUVs and minivans. The contoured backseats and low ceilings are some of the main reasons that can hinder the secure fit of safety seats in the car.
Generally, the rules for carrying children in cars is same as other types of vehicles – the appropriate booster seat or child safety seat should be used according to the age and size of the children and the seat should be fastened to the middle of the backseat. By installing the seat at the center of the back seat, a child is a maximum far from the perimeter of the car, thereby the minimizing the chance of collision during accidents. It is always best to avoid installing the safety seat on the front seat of the car.
Also to seating concerns, there also many factors that can contribute to the health risk of children in cars. Power window is one of the features that could be a threat to kids and children, who are not secured in safety or booster seat. As power window exerts huge force, kids can injure their head, neck and head. A survey reveals that power windows have strangulated many kids to the death. In order to enhance the safety, one should choose cars that have auto-reverse and anti-pinch feature. So, if your car as child carrier has power windows, then ensure the safety of your children by taking appropriate measures.
Cars could be a threat to kids outside the car too. If suppose the car bigger height, then the driver would be able to see the small kids standing very close to the front and rear bumper. Therefore, a driver would accidentally run over the kids, resulting in fatal injuries or serious disabilities. Another common accident that could lead to the death of kids is the trunk entrapment. Most kids find car trunk as the best place to hide playfully. However, a kids can get easily entrapped accidentally inside the trunk and would fatally suffocated. So, car owners should securely close the car trunk so that the kids don’t enter there. Car owners should also close all the doors so that children don’t enter the car playfully. There are also many instances, where kids have playfully entered the car and got locked inside and get suffocated. Therefore, to avoid all such mishaps, close the car doors as soon as you park the car.

If you have kids, make sure to read all the car safety tips concerning children. This would ensure better safety to your kids. You could find safety tips on the Internet.
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Checking and Filling Car Tires – Guides and Tips

Most car owners do not show enough importance to check and fill their car tires. There are many strong reasons why a car tire should be properly inflated. When your car tire is properly inflated, you can have better vehicle handling and make your ride comfortable and safe. Additionally, it also helps to increase the fuel efficiency of the car, thus making your car travel more economical. These are some critical reasons why your car tires should be appropriately filled. Now let us look into some tips for checking and filling the car tires.
Before filling your car tire, you should know the properly inflation level of the tires. You can know this details through many ways. First, you can check the sticker on the driver side doorjamb. The sticker display various information about the car, including the recommended tire pressure. You can also find this information on the car owner manual. You should not simply judge the tires by seeing it with naked eyes and by manually pressing with your hands. You should always use the tire pressure gauge to check the inflation level of the tire. There are three types of car pressure gauges available in the market -  dial, digital and internal slide. You should buy a gauge according to your budget and the conditions. For instance, the digital gauge may show accurate readings under normal conditions but they don’t display the results properly during severe cold temperature.   
Manufacturers advice that one should check the car tire inflation level at a shady place rather than under the sun or in an extreme hot environment. That’s because the pressure of tire increases with heat and may not show the real tire pressure under hot conditions. In order to get the actual tire pressure, it is better to check the pressure in the morning before going anywhere in your car. If the pressure level is showing high after traveling for long time, then you don’t need to let the air out as the temperature is increased due to the heat build-up that is temporary. You should learn to use the pressure gauge appropriately.

If the tire’s pressure level is higher than the recommended level, then you should release the air from the tire and then check the pressure again. Do this, until the gauge show recommended level of tire pressure. Make sure that the tire valve stem is secure and does not leak air. If the valve stem is leaking air, then you would hear the air leaking sound. Make sure that the valve dust cap is in good condition, and it properly secured to the valve opening. If the dust cap is missing or broken, then replace it with a new one. One should give importance to dust cap as it protects the valve mouth from dust and snow. Not using dust cap could heavily affect the tire pressure, especially during severe winter conditions. Additionally, you should also check the pressure of the spare tire. Just make sure to follow the above steps routinely and you can make your car driving better and economical.
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

What Are the Features That You Should Check in a Passenger Car?

If you are planning to buy a passenger car, then you should check whether it has enough features that make the car ride more safe, pleasurable and comfortable. What are the features that you should check on the passenger car? Just keep on reading this article to know the answer.
Antilock Breaking System and Electronic Stability System – This feature have become compulsory for all the cars made after 2012. If you are buying a new car, then this feature would be present by default. However, if you are buying a used passenger car, it may not have this feature. Therefore, make sure to check whether the car has this feature. The anti-lock braking system, shortly called as ABS, allows the driver to stop the car at a short distance. But the most highlighting benefit of the ABS is that it permits the driver to steer the vehicle even when the maximum brake is applied. The electronic stability provides better stability to the car in low-traction condition and effectively minimizes the risk of overturning.  
Airbags – It is necessary for the cars to have ample air bags. When a car has a full set of airbags, it can dramatically save the driver and passengers from serious injury in the case of strong collision. In some cases, the airbags might be harmful to small kids. So, before buying a passenger car, check airbag configuration and make sure they can solve the purpose. Anyhow, you should remember that airbags work best, only when the driver and passengers are secured with seat belts.
It is also necessary check whether the car has head restraints. Head restraints protect the head and neck during the rear-end collision. Check whether all the seats have head restraints and also check whether that can be repositioned in many ways.
Tilt/telescoping steering wheel helps to adjust the length and angle of the steering wheel to enhance the comfort of the driver.
The adjustable pedal is another feature that allows the driver to adjust the distance between the seat and the steering wheel for better comfort.
Xenon and adaptive headlights are the features that are usually found in luxury cars. The advantage of xenon light is can produce bright and wide light that can improve the driver’s visibility when riding under extreme dark conditions. This also helps to read the road signs better. If you are frequently traveling  on off-road and other wildlife area, then it is necessary to check whether the car has xenon lights. Adaptive headlight is another attractive feature that would help in certain circumstances. The adaptive headlight changes the direction of the light beam when your are turning the car. The adaptive car light swivel to illuminate the path where you are going to turn the car.
Collision mitigation system is a relative new feature that is found in luxury cars. This system detects the impending collision and activates a mechanism to prevent the collision or minimize the damage.
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Friday, 27 February 2015

Analyzing Cost Considerations When Purchasing a Vehicle

One of the major considerations you need to think and check before purchasing a vehicle is the price of the vehicle. The cost of the vehicle should be within your budget. It is equally important when purchasing used car or new car. When you are purchasing, you need to check the total cost and research whether the vehicle is worth for its price. Moreover, you should also consider other costs like maintenance cost, insurance cost, and other annual operating cost. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss about the other operating costs involved in the vehicle.
 Resale value: The resale value of the car will vary year after year and it has chances to chance when a particular model is upgraded. For example, if you are purchasing a vehicle for $25,000, then it has chances to reduce and worth would be $14,000 in the next four years. If the vehicle has performed equal to the price and worth for its resale value, then you can simple exchange or sell the vehicle. The price of the value keeps changing and you need to check with three to four trusted dealers. They will quote the right price and tell the present market status of your vehicle. Some owners would have maintained in best condition. It is advisable to purchase from such owners since the condition of the vehicle will be exceptionally good ahead of your expectations.
 Just like new: It is safe to buy used vehicles when sold by the trusted dealers. They would have performed stringent checks and examinations to test the condition of the vehicle. Moreover, they would have also replaced spare parts that are worn out. When you purchase well cared and gently used vehicles, there are chances for you to save thousands of dollars. The brand new one is really expensive and does not cater to the normal budget people. The used vehicles are safe option since they have been used and taken care according to the usage. If you are finding any errors or damage, you can cover using the factory warranty option.
 Vehicle history report: When purchasing used vehicle, it is necessary to see the vehicle history report. You have to do a brief investigation and check whether the vehicle’s history is appropriate. There are only a few companies that readily provide the history reports of the vehicle. If the vehicle has registered owners and wishes to provide satisfied services to the customers, then it would provide all the necessary history reports and insurance details of the vehicle. The vehicle report will contain details that include the time the vehicle was serviced recently, what are the parts that have been changed or replaced, how the car has been used and shows whether the car is used for private purpose, lease or daily rental vehicle.
 The company will provide all necessary details to interested buyers, and the buyers can check whether it is worth to purchase the vehicle. If you wish to get more information, you can ask the dealer to provide contact details of the seller, and you can also directly contact the seller and gain information.
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